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Rocio Mariposa

Visions of Beauty, Healing Energy and Love

I grew up in the States with my Peruvian mom and American dad. My family visited Peru every two years since the time I was two years old. Experiencing a contrast of two very different cultures so early in life left an profound impression on my young imagination and a deep desire for travel. From the time I could hold a pencil, I expressed myself by drawing magical worlds and characters, sometimes even on the walls of our house! My mother wisely enrolled me in art classes which eventually led to art awards and scholarships to art college. I have worked as a media arts teacher, film editor, designer and media director. I have continued my personal artistic practice using traditional media: watercolor, ink and acrylic. My creative spirit called me to become a teacher of Kundalini yoga. My life had become a blend of the practice of yoga and art.  I currently live and work in Ojai.

Moon Faeries, Butterflies & Plants

As I did in childhood, I continue to draw and paint magical worlds filled with  of the divine feminine archetypes in rhythm with the cycles of the moon. I call this character, who keeps appearing in my work, the Moon Faerie. The Moon Faerie dances in her sacred landscapes, among healing plants and magical crystals, telling a story of personal transformation and self-empowerment. She appears triumphant, powerful and wise.

Throughout my travels, I have filled many sketchbooks recording moments that are the source and inspiration of my work. I am profoundly inspired by the sacred landscapes of mother earth—her deserts, mountains, forests, and oceans. I believe in the consciousness expanding wisdom of plants and the powerful healing energies of crystals. My spirit animal, the butterfly, also appears as a colorful symbol in my paintings.

Sat Nam: Truth is Your Identity

Rocio means Dew, and Mariposa means Butterfly. Dew, the condensation formed on plants in the morning, is a potent symbol of celestial visitation. The dew of flowers is imprinted with the plant’s healing properties. For me painting plants is a study and meditation on their sacred essence. In my own personal journey, I have been doing healing work with Flower Essences for over a decade. The butterfly signifies metamorphosis, rebirth, and transmutation of the soul – all themes I explore in my art and yoga practice. My spiritual name based in Kundalini Numerology is Surinderjoti: one who experiences divine consciousness through the beautiful light, beauty and rhythm of her soul. I invite you to join me in experiencing divine consciousness and the beauty and rhythm of your soul, through joyful and exuberant creative expression.

Sat Nam!



Rocio Mariposa

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