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Wow! I’m just recovering from a magical Memorial Day weekend in Malibu. The Moon Faeries were on display at the Drawing on the Moon Festival this weekend, along with hundreds of other musical acts, artists and vendors. It was a great experience all around. I had a painting installation set up: our bamboo icosahedron dome. This dome has been our Burning Man home and we have set it up at a few festivals to be used as a sound healing arts and yoga area. This Malibu festival was the perfect place to paint the spectacular landscape of the Santa Monica mountains under the shade of our little dome. I am so grateful for my husband and friends Michael and Thierry who helped set me up the dome and took some awesome timelapse video footage of me painting the latest moon faerie! I made a lot of new friends this weekend and I’m so excited to do more festivals! As much as I love my little lavender studio, I relish the opportunity to paint outside in such an enchanted landscape among so many wonderful people.