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Rocio Mariposa

Rocio is an artist living in Ojai, California. Born in Washington DC, Rocio spent her childhood traveling to Peru every two years for extended visits with her family. These early experiences inform every aspect of her work. Her subject matter evokes a deep reverence for mountains (our ancestors) and sacred plants (our teachers). Her color palette reflects the vibrant plant dyed Peruvian textiles of her childhood. Her painting style is influenced by the magical realism of Latin American literature.

Rocio enjoys hiking and camping with her husband and finds California’s majestic landscapes and native species one of her greatest sources of inspiration. A devoted plein air painter, she often takes her art supplies along in a backpack, combining her passions for exploring the outdoors and making art. Rocio prefers to work from life, so many of her landscapes and plant studies begin in the field.

She sketches the composition in watercolor pencil and then paints a few layers with watercolor, rendering the color, light and shadow. She takes photos for reference to use later in the studio, where she adds details and line work with watercolor and gouache. The slow process of layering washes of soft color blends and texture gives her paintings a storybook quality that is based in careful observation of the physical world with an added dose of imagination.

She has a BFA from Carnegie Mellon and a Masters in Interactive Telecommunications from New York University. Before settling in Ojai, Rocio worked in Hollywood as an editing software trainer, editor, and graphic designer. She is also a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, practicing meditation, mantra and breath work to expand creativity.