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1013MoonTribecroppedOctober is my favorite month. It is the time of year when the air gets crisp and the moon looks orange. I feel especially creative this month as the themes of death and rebirth manifest in nature. There was an intimate Moontribe gathering this month and it felt so good to be dancing in the desert. It was magical to watch the moon rise and set as we danced into the morning. It was a bittersweet farewell to a dear friend’s son who had passed. It was also a month of celebrating life. I also did my first Henna painting for my friend who is about to give birth. I had the honor of creating her baby blessing ceremony. I have a close sisterhood of friends and we call ourselves the Moon Sisters. I assigned each moon sister a chakra to represent. I arranged them in a semicircle around the mama to be. As the candle light was passed each sister gave her blessing to the baby from the chakra she represented. “To always speak your truth”, “To be guided by your inner wisdom”, “To have and open and loving heart” etc. Yes, the endless cycle of birth to death to rebirth was ever present this month. For all of this I am grateful.