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faerieworldsretresTo celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary, we decided to take our annual northern California road trip a wee bit further: to Eugene Oregon! I had been wanting to attend Faerieworlds, the annual festival & mecca for all things faerie, for years. Since my husband is more of a Viking than a Faerie I worried it wouldn’t appeal to him. I was wrong! He had as much fun dressing up as a Viking as I did dressing like a Faerie. He even found a group of Barbarian warriors to hang out with in our camp. Needless to say, Faerieworlds exceeded all of our expectations. First of all, camping in the moss covered woods of Oregon was magical! Add to that the costumes and live music. The genre was Celtic rock, which was a refreshing change from my usual diet of techno! My favorite part of the festival site was an area called “Neverworlds”. It was full of gypsy carts, mermaid ponds (with live mermaids!) and naughty midnight puppet shows! Plus, there were so many artisans vending everything from faerie wings, jewelry and whimsical flowy faerie clothes. We will return someday, Faerieworlds!