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The finished invitesOn our 2nd Anniversary, I look back on our wedding and remember the CRAFTING. Our wedding was pretty offbeat: a Faerie Viking theme with an Enchanted Masquerade Costume ball in the forest of Mt. Shasta. Since my husband and I are Burning Man enthusiasts, it was a production of epic proportions. We created pretty much everything. And what we didn’t create ourselves, we had the help of our amazing friends. We even had our wedding outfits hand made also. I could fill multiple blog posts with our endeavors, so I will begin with the invitations. I illustrated them by hand and had high quality copies made on watercolor paper. I “gilded” them. And  my husband helped with the assembly. It was a ton of work, but we were pretty pleased with the results. I think it was worth it to have invitations that really reflected the experience that lay in store for our guests: fanciful, enchanted, and CRAFTY!


Bill Assembles