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teachertrainingDid you ever do something you never imagined would be in your life plan? Maybe something you had thought about wistfully in passing, but you let the opportunity pass? In practicing yoga for the past 13 years I occasionally thought it would be interesting to go in depth and take a teacher training or retreat. Somehow though, something else would come up.  Well this time, something shifted. Maybe it was my intense practice? I have been going to multiple kundalini classes daily the past few months. Maybe it was the brochure that said: Rewrite your Destiny? Maybe it was my teachers. I perceive in them a deep commitment to the yogic lifestyle. It wasn’t like teaching yoga was a job or a role they took on when they walked through the doors. There is a light they project and it’s very powerful. It has the power to uplift all those around them. I want to understand it all. I want to know why kundalini yoga works on such an immediate and profound level. So, here I am taking the leap. Yoga teacher training for the next 6 months! I am so excited to learn from Gurmukh & Krishna Kaur and all of the amazing teachers at  here at Golden Bridge. Who know what will happen! Maybe I will be a teacher too someday? Regardless of the outcome I feel taking this course is answering a call from deep within my soul. My destiny awaits…